It’s been seven days since anybody has seen 4-year-old Maleah Davis. This is what we know

Precisely multi week prior was the last time anybody saw little Maleah Davis.

Darion Vence, the 4-year-old’s stepfather, at first advised police that he was heading to a Houston airplane terminal with Maleah and her 1-year-old sibling on May 3 when he was assaulted and the three were stole by three Hispanic men. The abductors in the end dumped Vence and the kid close by a street, he stated, yet Maleah was gone.Police state the stepfather’s record of what happened last Friday night has changed a few times, and Maleah’s mom, Brittany Bowens, says she doesn’t trust his story.

Police and Bowens said they have been attempting to contact Vence now for a few days, however they have not gotten notification from him.

This is what we think about the case:

Vence told police he and the two kids were heading to George Shrub Intercontinental Air terminal in north Houston to get Maleah’s mom, who had been in Massachusetts.

Vence says he heard a “popping commotion.” Supposing it was a tire, he halted to check. A blue pickup truck at that point hauled up behind his vehicle and two Hispanic men got out.

One of the men stated, “Maleah looks decent, looks sweet,” Vence told the police.

That is the point at which the other man hit Vence in the head, and Vence passed out.

Going all through awareness, Vence said that eventually, he knew about being in the back of a pickup with the two kids and three Hispanic men.

Vence’s record of what happened “did not make any sense,” Sugar Land police representative Doug Adolph revealed to CNN Wednesday.

Additionally, “the substantive subtleties of what he depicted to us changed” throughout the days since he initially related the occasions to police, Adolph stated, declining to give subtleties.

Bowens told CNN on Friday that she doesn’t trust Vence’s story and supposes he is somewhat in charge of her kid’s vanishing, in light of the fact that “the manner in which he’s going about things is suspicious.”

“He hasn’t called me, I haven’t gotten notification from him since Monday, I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s happening,” Bowens revealed to CNN’s Scratch Valencia in a selective telephone meet. “In case you’re honest, for what reason wouldn’t you be able to state it yourself? For what reason aren’t you shielding yourself?”

CNN has contacted Vence a few times, yet hasn’t had the option to converse with him.

Maleah and her two siblings were taken from their home and set with a relative after claims of maltreatment a year ago, the Texas Branch of Family and Defensive Administrations told CNN.

Bowens said the youngsters had not been mishandled, and that Maleah’s head damage, which had prompted the claims, was just found after various medical clinic visits. Maleah was first treated for an odd dormancy, and after seven days, she fell and cut her head while sitting at a table. The specialists released Maleah without playing out a CT check, Bowens said.

Maleah had a seizure five days after the fact, and that is when specialists found seeping on the left half of her cerebrum and worked on her, Bowens said.

Kid Defensive Administrations showed up a couple of days after the fact, Bowens said.

“They didn’t discover anything since we’re not those sorts of individuals,” she said.

Be that as it may, specialists before long set Maleah and her two siblings with relatives, where they remained until a judge requested them to be returned home in February.

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